The Rupert Pool Needs Your Support

In 1949, this community rallied behind this pool. It is time for us to do it once again. Let's take the next step in the story of the Rupert Pool.
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Are you ready to help make this dream a reality?

This has been an important community gathering place for many generations here in the Mini-Cassia area. It's time to take the next step in the story of the Rupert Swimming Pool. We have just about half enough money to cover the swimming pool to make it a year-round pool for our community. Will you join with some of the generous local donors who have already given us the seed money to do so? 
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Rupert Swimming Pool Fun Facts

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Each summer approximately 900 children are taught how to swim. With the river and canals we have in our community, this is great news! Think of how many more children we could teach with a year-round cover!
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The pool was installed in 1949. It only took 3 months to install from groundbreaking to grand opening. It originally cost $0.10 per person to swim! 
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Well over 1000 people attended the grand opening of the pool. The community rallied around this pool to make it happen, and showed up to celebrate big!
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Did you know that city swimming pools (the Rupert Pool, included!) were built as a way to combat polio as well as to provide a safe place to teach children how to swim?

What the Pool Means to Us

Here's what you have to say:
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"Our favorite place to come in the summers was the Rupert Swimming Pool. We'd give them our dime, go out and swim until you couldn't swim anymore, and then lie on the cement and warm back up!"
— Stan Buckley, Major Donor
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"This summer we taught 450 children private swimming lessons and 491 children public swim lessons."
— Chelsea Ball, Rupert Pool Manager
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"We all swim together here at the pool. It's huge. It's important to them, you know, they love swimming and they come every day. They are committed. They love it."
— Krystal Young, Mini-Cassia High Schools Swim Coach
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"This pool saved my life. I started coming to water aerobics, and I'm so impressed with how it has helped me physically, emotionally, and spiritually."
— Bridget Stutzman
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"If we could have that cover, we would be able to teach our kids for more than just two months out of the year."
— Liz Stephens, Rupert Sharks Swim Coach